The impossibility of escaping our bias

It is beneficial to expose ourselves to a variety of ideas so that when we form opinions they are closer to the truth. In the past people would have to go out of their way to get any information to find out whether something was right or wrong e.g. libraries, encyclopaedias or seeking a professional. Now it is all at our fingertips and I think it is better. It’s harder to be fooled by fake martial arts and dodgy pyramid schemes now but it does make it easier to get caught in our own thought and idea bubble.

Whenever we make a Google search the results are not objective and you will not get the same results as a friend from a different country who googles the same thing. Your Google, Netflix, YouTube and social medias base their search results on your past search history, your location and what people near you have searched. If you live in an area with a more liberal or conservative demographic then your search results may reflect that. If you are constantly searching for things that support your already existing ideas then what is the likelihood evidence that doesn’t support your ideas will show up, even if that evidence is true? How right can we be about anything if, with the aid of the Internet, we are always seeing what we want to see or what confirms what we already want to believe?

Searching for information outside of our current beliefs or trying to find information that does not already support our ideas is labour intensive. It takes a lot more work to find out what is objectively true over reading the first opinion piece that confirms our biases. Most people give up because who wants to actively attempt to prove themselves wrong?

The more true things we believe the more accurately we view the world and if something is right then we don’t need opinion on it because our opinion should be whatever is true. We can have opinions of what food we would rather eat but we don’t need to have an opinion on whether we think the sun is critical for human life or not because we know that without it we would die.



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  1. Very well said, we live in the age of abundant information, and must remember to use the sovereignty of our own minds, to practice proper discernment if we hope to navigate our path through life and achieve fulfillment and peace. The truth will resonate with you but so will non truth or half truths if you are confirming your own bias and we are never beyond falling victim to that as we progress and grow, but the final sentence here confirms that the more universal a concept of truth is the more simply we can grasp it, and the rest although technical is merely the devil in the details. Good job Sam you are developing as a writer.

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