On Suicide and Religion

The first time I thought about killing myself I was eight years old. We were at a small church gathering and the topic was Hell. It’s hard to remember clearly but I do remember two things: crippling fear and a conversation with a preacher. While my mother was talking with the preacher she held my... Continue Reading →

The Problem of Consensus

Having a very strong opinion about something while having people agree with you is intoxicating and a lot of motivation and energy can be derived from this experience. But having people agree with you does not make you right. There are many preachers that think evolution is a hoax and have large congregations of followers... Continue Reading →

Beliefs and Social Influences

It’s easy to forget what it was like when you were a child and an adult’s word was law. I remember asking a family member if Hell was real when I was a child and they replied “yes” with such certainty that I was instantly compelled to know that it must be true. When we... Continue Reading →

The Folly of Subjectivity when forming Beliefs

Most of us have had conversations with someone when, after making a statement based on fact, their response has been either “But I feel like____” or “But I don’t think____” or “But I believe____”. The least reliable path to truth is through ones feelings. If you’re a relativist and ‘believe’ your truth is your truth... Continue Reading →

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