Opinions vs Reason Based Statements

“That’s just my opinion” is something we have all heard and said before. But when is saying this actually warranted and when should something be a statement because it is a fact, or a statement based on the best evidence? If we say, for example, “You shouldn’t drive in the rain with bald tires; it’s... Continue Reading →

Perceived Truth or Objective Truth

What is more important, people’s perception of truth or objective truth? The answer will depend on what we value the most. If we value truth the most then what is objectively true is going to be the most important. But what if we value wellbeing the most? And what if we are talking about things... Continue Reading →

Contradictory and Justified Belief

Most of us walk around with a sense of certainty about what we know about the world that has never been questioned or examined at any level.Someone can know something and change their opinion and will always say they used to believe that thing, but they won’t say they used to know it. If someone... Continue Reading →

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