You Should Be Able To Say Why You Believe What You Believe

Several times a day, usually every day, we state our beliefs about the world to other people. It could be small things like, “My work sucks/is awesome” or “Pewdiepie is the best YouTuber”, or perhaps bigger things like, “We should all have freedom of speech” or “I like/dislike what the current government is doing with... Continue Reading →

Everyone Is Playing The Same Game of Make-Believe

We are all playing the same game of make believe. We are expected to, and expect others, to act in accordance with the societal norms. But these norms are fixed relatively. Anyone who has been to other countries knows that, in general, they will have a very different experience in Mexico than in Japan. Going... Continue Reading →

The Problem of Knowledge

When we have a comprehensive understanding of a topic we often think that we would also be the best person to teach that topic. If you know a lot about physical training and diet then your friends might ask you frequently how to get fit or lose weight. Whatever your job is, people will ask... Continue Reading →

Passing on Ideas

Whenever we find ourselves attempting to explain an idea that we do not quite understand we will be putting that idea into words that we understand and not into words that best describe that idea. If one person has a comprehensive understanding of an idea and explains it to another who does not, perhaps due... Continue Reading →

Excuses to Avoid Criticism

Criticism is one of the best ways to validate our ideas. In order for us to truly develop an idea to it’s logical conclusion we must expose that idea to criticism and even argument. But most of us have many ways we avoid sharing a dialog over our ideas. The most common things we say... Continue Reading →

Same Information, Different Ideas.

If we all have good reasoning skills then shouldn’t we all be coming to the same conclusions based on the information we have? We are all exposed to similar information about things every day yet come to completely different conclusions than our friends. Why is this? One possible explanation is subjective viewpoints. Take this simple... Continue Reading →

How free is free will?

As we go about our days we are continuously faced with many decisions, one after the next. We feel as though we are authoring all of our actions and all of our decisions freely, drawing on an unlimited amount of possibilities.Most of us spend our time in conversation with friends, family, colleagues or employees and... Continue Reading →

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