Perceived Truth or Objective Truth

What is more important, people’s perception of truth or objective truth? The answer will depend on what we value the most. If we value truth the most then what is objectively true is going to be the most important. But what if we value wellbeing the most? And what if we are talking about things... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Impersonality

We are each the centre of the universe. At least this is how we experience the world from our own unique and subjective point of view. This is something that we all have in common. We are each the centre of our own universe. What most of us fail to realise is that we are... Continue Reading →

On Tragedy and Appreciation

We will all experience tragedy. Every one of us will lose someone or some thing we love. The only people to escape this pain are the ones who leave us early, leaving us to experience the pain of not just loss, but the loss of someone who has gone too soon.Having lost several friends and... Continue Reading →

The elusive sense of self

We all move through life with a sense of self, a personal identity. We think we have a sense of there being an I behind it all but when was the last time you tried to figure out what it is? A problem which neuroscientists and philosophers are still trying to solve. Most of us... Continue Reading →

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