How To Create A Monster

They didn’t just beat her; they tortured her. Those that raised her, if they can even be called parents, looked more like beasts than they did humans. It wasn’t so much their fangs, sharp claws or overly muscled limbs that made them scary; it was their eyes. Eyes like empty black wells. Eyes that when you looked into them, what looked back hid deep because its true form was so grotesque it didn’t want to be seen.

When the guardians found her she had been locked in a box for three days. She was barely conscious, covered in scars and the beasts had torn her toenails off so violently that the nails had taken skin with them, exposing the bones of her toes underneath.

When the guardians found her she was only eight years old.

The guardians were limited in the help they could give. At first they took the girl to be healed, at least to heal her physical wounds. They took the beasts and locked them in cages, which only made them more beast-like, and they could only lock the beasts away for so long.

The ones who opposed the guardians would say that the girl needs to be with family, and that they need to focus on getting the girl back to them as soon as possible, because family is so important to their people. The guardians would argue and say that they cannot send a girl back to the beasts after they raped and tortured her. She’s a child and a child needs to be saved. But these words were hardly entertained. The ones who opposed would always respond saying they understood what was being said, but that because those who wanted the child saved were not of their people they could never understand how important family is.

The girl was sent to stay with other families, preferably those of her own people, but not always. Some of these families were good to her and cared for her deeply. Others would use the temporary care to facilitate more abuse, sending the girl further down a path she was not likely to return from.

As the innocent girl aged over the next few years, so did her innocence disappear. By the time the girl was fourteen she was already developing the traits of the beasts before her. Her eyes grew more hollow and her limbs thicker. But she could still be saved, they hoped.

The girl had never known what it was to be truly cared about and so she sought care and validation through intimacy with adults. She would seek them out aggressively, only to be used up and thrown out like she was not even human. But by now she barely resembled one anyway.

As the cycle continued the girl grew older. She partook in many abusive relationships. Some in which she was abused, some in which she was the abuser, and some in which both parties caused irreversible trauma. Get hurt – give hurt – repeat.

These men would discard her like trash. Not because these men were of malicious nature, but because she had become someone who could only be discarded.

Now that she was fully-grown she also fully embraced her beast-like nature. But one of these men, these trauma causing and trauma receiving men, had thrown her out and disappeared only to leave her a gift, a gift of hope, a gift that could make even the most beast-like of us change. He gave her the gift of life: a tiny precious and innocent girl of her own. And her heart softened. She felt the pain that was caused to her and swore to never inflict such atrocities on something so perfect.

She raised her girl with love and even called her Girl. But love for this mother was synonymous with so much pain, fear and suffering, and this mother was no ordinary mother. This mother had overly sized limbs and long sharp fangs. This mother had left her humanity behind years ago and had buried her promises so deep that she had forgotten them entirely. Her eyes were deep black wells; no matter how hard anyone looked, there was only hardness and blackness.

When the guardians found Girl she had been locked in a cupboard for several days. Her cold, limp and broken body contorted in ways only a beast could have made happen. Girl’s mother’s boyfriend could be heard telling the guardians how he told the mother not to kill her, just to hurt her a little.

When the guardians found Girl she was six years old.



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